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Structures & Maintenance, Inc.

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Structural Steel Fabricators & Erectors
+ Equipment Maintenance

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Dixie Structures & Maintenance, Inc. offers services in the fields of structural steel fabrication & erection as well as fabrication and installation of miscellaneous metals, including aluminum and stainless steel.

Dixie also performs general welding, repair, powder coating and equipment maintenance. Dixie also recycles cargo (shipping containers) into custom designed Container Homes and architecture.

Click Here for pictures of our fabrication shop, yard, etc.

POWDERCOATING: We powdercoat boats, airboats, rigging, accessories, truck and car parts, decorative rail (railing), gates, and fence.

OVEN SIZE:  7'-0" wide x 9'-0" tall x 31'-0" long.

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The following are a few of the items available from Dixie:

  • Wideflange Columns & Beams

  • Structural Channels

  • Steel Tube Columns (Square, Rectangular, and Round)

  • Barjoists, Joist Girders & Bridging Systems

  • Metal Roof

  • Form & Floor Decking

  • Bent-PL and Angles

  • Pipe Bollards

  • Angle Lintels and Shelf Angles (brick ledge)

  • Trench Grating and their embed frames

  • Bar Grating

  • Roof-Top Unit Supports

  • Roof Opening Frames

  • Steel-Pan Stairs

  • Spiral Stairs

  • Lapeyre Alternating-Tread Stairs

  • Ships Ladders

  • Rung-Type Ladders for Roof Access, Pits, or for hatches.

  • Pipe Railings (Handrails, Guardrails, Ramp Rails)

  • Decorative & Ornamental Metals

  • Fence and Railings (Aluminum or Steel)

  • Concrete Inserts & Embedded items for steel items.

  • Connections & fasteners for steel items

Dixie has completed numerous projects in the the Southwest Florida area.  Some highlights of these projects can be found in the "PROJECTS" section of our website.

Looking for an office, home, workshop, storage space, bug out (dooms day, doomsday, storm) shelter?...then our custom design steel shipping cargo container boxes converted by welding and fabrication using our plans and ideas may be the perfect solution to your needs.

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Dixie Structures & Maintenance, Inc.
3495 Ebell Road
Oneonta, AL 35121

Phone: (205) 274-4525
Fax: (205) 274-4524

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