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Throughout the United States every February NAWIC chapters gather the young contractors together to use their imagination and creativity and learn about the construction industry in a contest called "Block Kids".  The Southwest Florida Chapter #297 did so on February 26, 2004 with their 13th Annual Block Kids Building Contest at Bonita Springs Elementary School, Bonita Springs, Florida.

The Block-Kids Building Program is a national building program competition that is sponsored on the local level by NAWIC chapters and other organizations. The award winning program introduces children to the construction industry in an effort to create an awareness of and to promote an interest in future careers in one of the many facets of the industry. The program is open to all elementary school children in grades 1- 6. The competition involves the construction of various structures with interlocking blocks and three of the following additional items: a small rock, string, foil, and poster board. Local winners advance to Regional competition, and one semi-finalist from each region is entered in the National Program competition. National prizes are awarded to the top three projects.

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Each year the construction industry faces a need for qualified workers.  This contest introduces young children to the industry.  Of course a contest cannot immediately fill the construction industry needs, but it approaches the problem by exposing the children to the construction industry.

By the time children reach high school age they have often begun to plan for a particular career.  Block Kids help reach our young people before they have decided on their career path.

By exposing children to the fun (planning, solving, and building) of the contest and also exposing them to industry role models (contest judges), hopefully the children will gain a lasting  positive impression of the construction industry.

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Thanks to our Judges: Frank Mullins, Howard Gold (Owen-Ames-Kimball Company); Andrew Kleinberger, Robbyn Budrow (Kleinberger Corporation); Paul Wharen, Kevin Manning, Ken Kensinger, Dave Maslanka (BBL, Florida); Richard Byrd (Gulf Coast Consulting Group; Victor J. Latavish (Victor J. Latavish Architect PA); Jeff Maddox (Surety Construction); Dennis Riggs (Denrig, Inc.); Terri Sobek, Janet Edwards (Compass Construction); Rob Fowler (The Fowler Company); Lillian Severson (Kirkwood Electric); Bryan Blackwell (Dixie).

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